It is also very educational and anyone who takes the time to watch this program will, without a doubt, learn something new. He hopes that the inauguration of these aircraft will allow the airline to deliver goods even quicker than before. (I was able to get it at a store that sells these kinds of DVD's in Tokyo). This is followed by the pre-descent checklist. Also shown is the EFB’s ability to call up Jeppesen charts for any destination that Air Canada serves along with enroute and company alternates. That was amazing!! Michael Karpf, JAPAN. This DVD is covers 3 flights; Toronto to Tokyo and return and Toronto to Frankfurt. I have over 100 of the WAR productions and it is so nice to see airlines build such a good relationship with Michel and the rest of the crew of JPV. And the Oceanic Clearance info. Especially Pacific routes operation YYZ-NRT and back to Toronto. The pilots were all very good at explaining about the flight and the aircraft. Ondrey and F.O. And it seems to me that Captain Ondrey knows more about U.S. GEOGRAPHY than any Social Studies Teacher that I ever had. The flight crew did a great job describing their work and the aircraft they fly. It operates the A330, B767 and B777 on the long hauls and A319, A320, A321, and Embraer E170/E190 on the short hauls. Hall" Ryoji Yamashiro, JAPAN. Using $5 million in Crown seed money, two Lockheed Model 10 Electras and one Boeing Stearman biplane were purchased from Canadian Airways and experienced airline executives from Thank you all! Speaking about the project, the Vice President of the cargo arm of Air Canada praised the work of the teams involved in developing these aircraft. Now we can add Air Canada to the ever growing family of WAR. A great highlight of this program is the view from the nosewheel and tail cameras wherein the activity of the ground crew can be observed. Air Canada, your fans have spoken when you treated us with two fantastic long haul video's and I only hope that we get to experience your regional network with shorter flight's featuring your new EJets as well as the CRJ with Jazz. Book hotels, cars and vacations with Air Canada Vacations. I really think that Cpt. Boeing 777-200 is used by Air Canada on long-haul routes. They also go over how Trans Pacific routes operate, where suitable diversion airports are located, the flight bag that Air Canada equips its 777 with, the Date Line and much more. Her dedication to women’s issues and low carbon technology brings a unique flavor to her work, with publications including the Los Angeles Times keen to cite her research. 9 Oct 2015. The YYZ-FRA leg is a quick 7 hours. I especially liked the view of outside cameras when at cruise altitude, such a nice view. The information they provide gives the viewer an in-depth understanding, as well as appreciation, for the amazing airplane that is the 777-300ER. The fleet comprises of 204 aircraft with 37 more on order, flying 1,370 flights daily. When reading all the reviews featuring Air Canada's 777-300ER and 767-300ER programs, there's really not much more you can add to these exceptional DVD's. SUBSCRIBE on YouTubeFOLLOW on TwitterOnboard the Boeing 787 the day after Air Canada launched their Premium Economy product in North America. Udo as always did a fantastic job and the images were very crisp and clear. My compliments to captain Ondrey, captain Baxter and all the Air Canada crew. By issuing the ticket with a MileagePlus partner airline, you earn PQPs based on the distance flown and fare class purchased, which often yields more pointsthan if purchasing the ticket directly through United. Everything about it was a pleasure to watch from start to finish! **. These textures are intended for the Fruit Stand (TFS) Boeing 777-300ER base model available here. **Update: 12/04/20 @19:19 UTC – Air Canada has responded with the registration numbers of the aircraft. The Flight from Toronto was to Frankfort was really neat. It was absolutely amazing to get a complete presentation of the advanced avionics on this aircraft. One of the best ever made. SeatGuru Seat Map Air Canada - SeatGuru Air Canada INCIDENT while being towed, an Air Canada Boeing 777-300 (C-FIUL) clipped the tail of a parked Air Canada Airbus A321 (C-GJWO) in Toronto on Friday Dec 27. The co-pilot explains the load and weight information they receive on the ground and how they calculate their takeoff parameters in accordance with their performance charts. Based in the UK. On the 7th March this year, as reported in the Aviation Herald, two Air Canadaaircraft experienced a hair raising near miss on the runway at Toronto’s Pearson airport. Air Canada | AC864 Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER Cabin: Business class Route: Montreal (YUL) to London (LHR) Date: Thursday, January 2, 2020 Time: Departing 7:50pm and arriving 7:30am the next day Duration: 6 hours 40 minutes The crew explains everything very clearly and keeps the viewer engaged. I was very impressed with Captain Ondrey. We use ads to keep our content free. Given a right price-point, its great value to the additional cost and the seat comfort is a few notches better than regular economy seats. Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada. On the Tokyo leg, Capt. The fleet comprises of 204 aircraft with 37 more on order, flying 1,370 flights daily. Seat map Boeing 777-200 “Air Canada”. The pilots did a great job explaining the features of this truly amazing aircraft. The Air Canada Boeing 777-300ER DVD from Just Planes is one of the newer DVDs in the massive Just Planes World Air Routes series. It’s amazing how quickly Air Canada is transforming their business class product, as all 787s feature these seats, and almost all 777s have been reconfigured with these seats as well. As we pull into our designated gate, we are greeted once more by the auto marshall system, except this time it’s in meters and counts down to “stop”. Then, as a special treat the viewer joins a new crew on a flight to Frankfurt with a large focus on Oceanic Crossing procedures. The friendliness of the flight crews is unmatched as is their professionalism. Crew members made a good job showing their tasks. Premium Economy on the Air Canada Boeing 777 has pros and cons. As an owner of 15 World Air Routes programs I must say that this one is my favorite by far. Please Support us by turning off your adblocker. Instead the large space will be used to increase cargo carrying capacity on board. We have seen in the past airlines such as Sabena, Swiss and Austrian show us there fleet and a wonderful insight into the airline. If you're an aviation enthusiast and a Boeing 777 fan, this is a 'must have'. Richard Welsh, UK, I just watched the Air Canada DVD, And in 3 Words, Its a Winner. Vice President Tim Strauss said: “Bringing critical medical and other vital supplies rapidly to Canada and helping distribute them across the country is imperative to combating the COVID-19 crisis. The airline has already completed the modifications on one of three 777 aircraft which will be used to transport urgent medical supplies to those in need. Althought this video was shot with a single camera, they did a nice work. Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock, Follow these easy steps to disable AdBlock Plus, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock Origin, Follow these easy steps to disable uBlock. This model was originally made for fs9, but a conversion for use in FSX/P3D is available here, and a further one exclusively for P3Dv4 is available here. That’s around 13 flights per week. If you were going to buy just one WAR DVD (which is basically impossible) there would be no contest between this DVD and the rest of the collection. Get the best seat possible with our Air Canada 777-200LR seating chart and traveler seat reviews. No windows . There are many adjectives that can be used to describe the AC 777-300 DVD, but I will pick one: OUTSTANDING. Johnny R, CANADA, I own about 25 of the videos. The rapid transformation of some of our aircraft to meet cargo demand reflects our ability to maximize our fleet assets quickly when these aircraft would otherwise be parked.”. This clarity of ATC is something that viewers have come to expect in the newer WAR DVDs. Thanks to the crew and the crew of world air routes for this excellent work! Keep up the great work. Air Canada premium economy is a solid product and I would definitely recommend it for passengers that pre-dominantly fly coach. ATC guides the plane through the ILS approach. I'm a happy owner of a lot of Just Planes videos and the bulk of it comes from the Air Canada series. This section also explains the “electronic flight bag” (a must have for simmers). What a wonderful entertaining and informative insight into the operation to take a Boeing 777-300 from Toronto to Tokyo. (not in the same day). They seemed to truly enjoy their work and flying the 777. Please read below. Today, Air Canada is the world’s 12th largest commercial airline. Brent Ktytor, CANADA, Hey i would like to thank you for a GREAT DVD. The rear camera Views were COOL. The registrations for the aircraft are as follows: Whilst the turnaround time for Air Canada certainly sounds quick, time is of the essence at the moment. Mr. Strauss concluded that the airline will complete the final two aircraft in the coming days. After watching a lot of WAR videos, this was the first time I saw the ground crew close-up. The 777 is a long-range, high capacity airliner which features Air Canada’s new three class interior. In May, when the airline introduced its first Boeing 787-8, it announced plans to update the 777 fleet to match its 787’s new interiors. With the addition of an extra seven flights per week and more cargo carried, this project will significantly boost the provision of aid for Air Canada and its partners.
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