Project NeoSend 10 bots flying with a single spin attack. Astro Bot Rescue Mission on PSVR is one of the best VR games on ANY platform and one of the best platformers ever made. In the second wave he will also have some kind of bamboo saber that you need to cut with your shurikens. World 1 Rescue Welcome to IGN's Astro Bot Rescue Mission complete strategy guide and walkthrough! You rock! Guide by Lottie Lynn, Guides Writer Updated on 13 November 2020 Astro's Playroom has a total of 46 trophies for you to collect. Twisting Metal. Then the boss will throw a lava boulder at you, you will need to hit it with the water and then pick it up and throw it at the boss with Astro bot. The credits will roll after the fight. Greatness nearly there… Story related and cannot be missed. Once you see the boss hanging and you have to shoot her clothes, make sure to look away. Do that with every one of his teeth and you will defeat the boss. Spin attacks, deflecting blows, shooting arrows, and cannon blasts will not count. The giant Octopus will throw some enemies on the different platforms you’re on and you’ll have to kill them all with either Astro bot or with your the water using if they’re on fire. By continuing past this page, you agree to abide by the Terms of Service. There are 8 Bots to find and rescue and 1 Chameleon to find and look at in every level, except in Boss levels. - This is random. Cleared your first Challenge fully (obtaining 2 Bots), Cleared 10 Challenges fully (obtaining 2 Bots), Cleared 20 Challenges fully (obtaining 2 Bots), Cleared all Challenges fully (obtaining 2 Bots). Click on a Trophy below to see a full guide. Sucker World 1 chameleons Very sad that we have to do this, he is a good boy! If you are interested in helping to create one, please post in this thread or fill out this application . Earn every other trophy to unlock this new platinum! You can replay the credits as much as you want so if you need coins, this is the fastest way. The second wave you’ll need to jump on the different platforms and avoid the ones he’s going to destroy, you’ll see a target below them. Robot Rescue Wait for a group of enemies to spawn and stay close to the names/letters, then activate your spin and defeat the enemies as well as the names/letters in the credits. You don’t have to collect every bot in this step but to unlock some levels/worlds you’ll need to rescue a certain number of bots, so collect everything you can by looking and exploring everywhere. Story related and cannot be missed. After completing all 4 levels of World 5, you will unlock the boss level, Catch of the Day. This is what you should smash as you will earn coins by smashing them. Squishies Trophy Guide; Pixel Ripped 1989 Trophy Guide; In Death Trophy Guide; Astro Bot: Rescue Mission Trophy Guide; Trickster VR Trophy Guide; The Persistence Trophy Guide; Prison Boss VR Trophy Guide; Job Simulator Trophy Guide; Torn Trophy Guide; Xing: The Land Beyond Trophy Guide; Smash Hit Plunder Trophy Guide; The Lost Bear Trophy Guide Now, time to get out … You collected all ASTRO BOT Rescue Mission trophies. You will eventually reach a big gap and you’ll need to use your rope to help Astro reaching the other side. The earliest level is 1-2 Green Fingers. Each level will be unlocked by completing the previous one, the 5th level of a world being a boss. World 3 Rescue World 4 chameleons Most of them are not difficult but some of them can be pretty tricky and will require a couple of tries. After that you’ll have to hit his teeth to break them.
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