'Export finished' notification is newly closed when the SD card or USB thumb drive is ejected. Also fixed a visual glitch in the status bar while the calculation was running. Available here. The Original Prusa i3 Mk3 is an excellent Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF) 3D Printer and one of the best ready to run consumer-grade 3D printers out there. — Slic3r — Best Open Source 3D Slicer. Horizontal slider range is correctly updated when individual G-code features are turned visible or invisible. Question mark keyboard shortcut now correctly opens 'Keyboard shortcuts' dialog. This should now be fixed. (, When no 'Pause Print G-Code' is provided in Printer Settings, the Pause Print option will no more show in the respective context menu on the vertical Preview slider. (, Linux specific: Fix of a crash when deleting all instances of an object. (, Fix of 'fill bed with instances', which ignored possible rotation of the source object when creating the new instances. For the devices supported by the 3DConnexion driver it is recommended to configure the 3DConnexion settings in the 3DConnexion driver. (. This is the second alpha release of PrusaSlicer 2.3.0, following 2.3.0-alpha1. OSX specific: Fixed a layout glitch of the mode selection buttons. Download the Artillery Genius custom build plate for Prusa Slicer. The latter information has now been added into the error message appearing after the user attempts to add multiple objects to Plater in non-sequential mode. Most of the filament profiles available for Prusa3D printer profiles were updated with the filament spool weight. (, Monotonic infill is now default for bottom layers. Linux specific: Fixed freezing on Linux when run with non standard task affinity. (, Linux (GTK3): Fixed wrong background color of parameter groups in preset editor pages. (, An error message claiming that certain infill patterns don't work at 100% density showed incorrect current infill pattern name. “Keep It Simple Slicer”, or KISSlicer is one of the most user-friendly 3d slicers available … The Adaptive Cubic and Support Cubic infills newly anchor the internal dense infill lines to the outer sparse infill lines, which is quite critical for printing PETG and similar materials. The stand-alone G-Code Viewer no longer modifies the parsed G-code, the access is read-only. PrusaSlicer can't save in .pwmx, which is the file format the Mono X uses. This allows one to customize the print bed image without having to overwrite the application global resources. (, About Dialog newly provides a button to copy PrusaSlicer version information into clipboard. Come discuss resin printing or submit your questions here! Legacy 3DConnection support on Windows and OSX: On Windows and OSX, PrusaSlicer communicates with the 3DConnexion driver to receive events from the 3DConnexion devices. The information was lost in previous versions. Previously only "English" was offered, switching to UK English, for which the locales were often not available. It is reported that PrusaSlicer 2.3.0-alpha3 is running happily on the new ARM based Macs (, The descriptions of configuration parameters in settings tabs now work as hyperlinks that open the respective page in our, Added support for Repetier server print host. When drag and dropping a project file (3MF or AMF) onto the PrusaSlicer window, the user is newly asked whether to 1) open the project (that means the plater will be cleared first), 2) import just the geometry, or 3) import just the config. There’s a newer format available, 3MF, and Josef Prusa and Jakub Kočí would like you to start using it. Linux specific: When switching language to English, PrusaSlicer newly offers both US English and UK English. To let you enjoy the alpha without worries, the alpha builds save their profiles into PrusaSlicer-alpha directory, so you may use the alpha side by side with the current release without ruining your production configuration. Horizontal slider in 3D preview is correctly updated when 'Sequential slider only applied to top layer' preference option is toggled. G-Code preview now works correctly when sequential print or spiral vase mode is active. Linux specific: Fixed new linker dependencies - glib and GTK libraries. (, The up/down keys in the G-code preview move the active vertical slider thumb again, while the left/right keys move the horizontal slider thumb when the G-code preview 3D scene owns the keyboard focus, and the hot keys are documented in the 'Keyboard Shortcuts' dialog. Fixed unexpected switch to non-perspective camera in certain scenarios (, Place on face sometimes positioned the object slightly inclined instead of perfectly flat (, OSX specific: Mouse position was not correctly calculated with Retina display when the mouse wheel was being rotated, Windows: Previous alpha did not start on Windows 7 (, G-Codes for printers not supporting remaining times contained internal G-Code annotations as comments by mistake. On Linux system, this version also changes the location of the configuration directory (see below). We hope that this will help us to explain some yet unexplained G-code export issues. Like most software, and hardware for that matter, in 3D printing, Slic3r is a free, open source (under the GNU GPL license), “slicer” program for Windows, Mac and Linux, first written by Alessandro Ranellucci, and more recently with amazing additions from the Prusa 3D company.. The printer firmware or an OctoPrint plugin may then show the print thumbnail on the screen. Time estimate visualization was not correct in Silent mode. This makes it easier to manipulate the objects when zoomed in during painting supports, seams and such. Prusa3D filament profiles were updated accordingly. Some tracing info on G-code export was incorrectly shown as errors. OctoPrint - Best 3D Printer Slicer for Raspberry Pi Boards. Notifications were sometimes erroneously shifted to the left in Preview mode. (, Retraction / deretraction feed rates were stored with excessive resolution into G-code. (, Improved error reporting when loading invalid preset bundles. And it's the only one apart from the Photon Workshop which not only supports the … Configuration snapshots were extended to capture and restore SLA print profiles, SLA material profiles and Physical printers configuration. The clean user interface makes it easy to get started, even if you are new to it. Features such as monotonic filling, ironing of the top layers, correction of the elephant foot, manual placement of supports, variable layer height … This is now fixed. (, G-code preview sometimes showed incorrect colors for a multi-material print. See other comments in this thread for options. The following picture shows 2 mm long anchors at both the sparse and dense infill lines. This feature also makes development of 3rd party printer profiles easier. If you go to slicer settings, you may often notice that the supports are deliberately underextruded, so they are easier to remove. Aside from running a 3D printing slicer … Logic of automatic selection of View mode in Preview (Feature Type/Tool/etc.) Windows specific: Configuration Wizard now allows to control associations of 3MF and STL files with PrusaSlicer, and to associate G-codes with the PrusaSlicer's own stand-alone G-code viewer. Like most slicers, it uses STL, OBJ, or 3MF files, and is very fast at processing them. This should now be fixed. This, according to the Prusa team, is simply to ensure that even beginners will have successful prints. (, OSX specific: Arrange button had wrong description (Ctrl instead of Cmd key). Ramping up the fan speed slowly should prevent rapid cooling of print bed followed by thermal runaway in case the print bed heater could not keep up with the fan. (, Linux specific: We have reworked again (sic!) (, Linux specific: Fixed visual glitches when build against wxWidgets 3.0 and GTK3. Tool marker in G-Code preview is visible by default when the horizontal slider is not at its end position. (, Fixed a crash during slicing when a volume was not intersecting any of the slicing planes. It has already been made default for the top layers. (. The new Arrange dialog indicates. If your post is about Troubleshooting, it should contain information about the print along with any screenshots or photos. Dictionaries for CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT and PL were updated by Prusa Research. This issue happened in PrusaSlicer 2.2.0 in SLA mode with support editing gizmo active, but it now became more pronounced with the introduction of the support and seam editing in PrusaSlicer 2.3.0. (, Random seam was broken in previous alphas, it was not random for single-perimeter walls. Fixed crash in monotonous infill happening in very specific geometry situations. 3DConnexion is continuously dropping support for their legacy products (sic!) (, Fixed a crash when slicing one-layer object with raft. When filled in, the 'Sliced Info' box shows the weight of the spool plus estimated filament usage for the print (and therefore minimal weight of the spool at the beginning of the print to not run out of filament). This works well but I thought the new Prusa slicer had a nice user interface and some good features so I gave it a try and now use it all the time. (, Arrange accounts for 'Extruder clearance' again when sequential printing is enabled. Lychee slicer beta also fixes bad models. (, Custom seam enforcers were not always respected. The strength of your print will vary depending on what kind of internal infill you choose. Also the delete button at the same page can newly be used to delete a Physical Printer profile completely (, Support for DuetSoftwareFramework print host has been added (. Fields in the new 'Unsaved changes' dialog are now non-editable. When set higher than 'Disable fan for the first [n] layers', the fan speed will be gradually ramped up from zero to maximum in that layer range. We are in touch with 3DConnexion to fix that #3864 #3933 #3937 #4104. (, Added FLSun vendor and printer models FLSun QQS Pro and FLSUN Q5. This is also Open Source software, therefore absolutely free of cost. This should now be fixed. Windows-specific: ConfigWizard mangled Unicode characters in printer names (, macOS-specific: When multiple PrusaSlicer instances were running, it could crash when ejecting an SD card from some of the instances (, Linux-specific: The toolbar that switches between 3D scene and Preview did not scale correctly on scaled displays with GTK3 (, Linux-specific: Fixed spurious G-Code Viewer crashes on startup when opened through File menu in PrusaSlicer or with a gcode filename provided through command-line (, Linux-specific: When started with a config directory generated by older versions, the application would crash in case that config contained print host credentials (, Linux-specific: desktop file for Linux desktop integration now assigns correct icon to G-Code Viewer instead of using one for PrusaSlicer (. You can turn this into an advantage. (, The Cut tool now shows the cutting plane height in inches when the rest of the UI uses them. (, New 'Fill bed with instances' feature fills the print bed with the maximum number of copies of a selected object. Linux: Integration of Flatpak configuration files thanks to, Linux: Added a desktop file for standalone G-Code Viewer, Filament stats exported to G-code are now exported with higher precision to match values shown in the UI (. Anycubic Kossel: Updated end G-code, before layer change G-code and output filename format template. A crash has been fixed when splitting a broken model. It is newly split into several Tabs for clarity and to fit smaller screens. (, Concentric infill is now always being printed outside-in. In that case the first modified filament profile will be loaded as modified, while the other modified profiles will be loaded as "external". And tiny things, too! Fixed a possible crash when swiching printer profiles in configuration tabs. It now contains path to G-code, "Open folder" hyperlink and Eject removable media button. and an old 3DConnexion device often produces incorrectly scaled events through the driver. This will make sure that the inside of the model is solid. The 3DConnexion driver does not install a configuration file for the new prusa-gcodeviewer.exe, you have to copy the prusa-slicer.xml to prusa-gcodeviewer.xml and edit it to get the 3D mouse working in the G-code viewer. Even better, most of them are free. The operation makes the data invalid and attempting to use them could lead to crashes (, Fixed excessive CPU load when a notification in 3D scene was active (. (, Fixed a crash with Spiral Vase mode and very small objects. (, Enabled path planning optimization for the new Adaptive Cubic and Support Cubic infill types. The "Export to hard drive finished" notification newly fades out after 20 seconds. (, It is no more allowed to save a Preset giving it a name containing leading or trailing spaces. Testing a new profile for Linear Advance 1.5 for PETG and the BMG Prusa Extruder. Changes related to … (, Fixed a crash when slicing an object producing no layers with Elephant Foot Compensation enabled. OSX specific: Fixed a multi-display issue: Modal dialogs now correctly open at the monitor of its parent window. This new feature is accessible from the context menu after right-clicking on an object. The line where the error occurs is now mentioned in the error message. (, Custom seam did not work correctly when raft was enabled or several objects with different layer height were present. The first method is to increase the infill percentage to 99%. Fixed refresh of in 3D scene notifications. (, Linux specific: Fixed a regression issue where a change in parameter was not accepted when switching between parameter pages. HTTP digest authentication was disabled for libcurl builds by mistake. We still did not solved the CPU issue, where one thread is consuming 50% of a single core. (, Fixed a long-existing bug which occasionally introduced imprecisions into the print when the scene was repeatedly resliced after changing configuration parameters. Now you are ready to start printing. Print Host dialog is now shown on the same display as the main application window. modifiers and modifier type were lost. Miniatures for tabletop games present a good challenge. The preset and other combo boxes in the plater sidebar no longer react to mouse wheel scroll events. The Prusa Slicer. The errors newly contain the offending template line with a pointer to the error location. (, Right-click context menu in the scene no more shows for the wipe tower. (. Thanks! I'm a fan of PursaSlicer for ease of use, almost perfect auto-supports, built in stl error detection, and just general stability. Ironing extrusions are newly excluded from auto-speed calculation. PrusaSlicer (formerly known as Slic3r Prusa Edition or Slic3r PE) is our own in-house developed slicer software based on the open-source project Slic3r. I think it's the best slicer available honestly :) the only thing it lacks is simplify3d's supports. 'Eject drive' notification did not show up in Simple mode. OSX specific: Reload from disk now uses Cmd+Shift+R keyboard shortcut instead of F5. Updated CZ, DE, ES, FR, IT, NL and PL dictionaries, The maximum detour length of 'Avoid crossing perimeters' (see. Updated sample G-Codes for Original Prusa MINI; Updated Benchy G-Code for Original Prusa MK3/S; See full release log Older versions Cura settings Simplify3D settings. (. (, Fixed drag & drop issues at the object list. Knowing that Prusa did their own slicer – originally a slic3r variant (which i have tried..recently)- they have now taken a version and gone their own way. Among these, one of the best and most popular at the moment is Prusa Slicer. Machine limits configuration options were incorrectly used for time estimate calculations for non-Marlin firmwares (, Keyboards shortcuts for moving the camera were not always working since the alpha phase. It allowed to access options not supported for the wipe tower such as conversion to imperial units, leading to crashes. Arrange function was made configurable in 2.3.0-alpha4, allowing to set spacing between objects. The new field accepts entries such as "16x16, 220x124" describing picture sizes to be exported into the G-code file. (. When closing PrusaSlicer while an upload of a G-code or SL1 file is in progress, PrusaSlicer newly asks whether to cancel the upload and close PrusaSlicer, or whether to open the Upload dialog and wait. They only appeared / disappeared after the user moved mouse over the 3D scene. A "Beta" badge has been removed from thumbnails of printers introduced in PrusaSlicer 2.2 to indicate that these profiles were verified. But first you must make a choice on which slicer to use. (, SL1 file was exported with a .gcode suffix if the user did not provide output file name while slicing an SLA project from command line. The Preview reverted to Normal mode visualization on reslicing, even when switched to Silent mode before (. (, Fixed slow update when dragging the vertical slider in G-code viewer. The print bed and printer thumbnail images are newly searched for and loaded from user's "vendor" directory before the installation "resources" directory. Simplify3D is a great slicer for people with lots of experience or who 3D print professionally. This is consistent with the original Slic3r and it has been broken in PrusaSlicer for a long time, optimizing the Concentric infill path for shortest travel. We improved error reporting in case export of G-code to a removable drive fails. (, Arrange occasionally placed objects slightly out of bed. Icons and buttons in notifications were enlarged. And, of course, using a different printer nozzle directly affects the width of support walls. On the Bed Shape section, click on the Set button. (. The stand-alone G-Code Viewer newly shows per layer time estimates on the vertical slider for G-codes produced by Cura, Simplify3D, CraftWare and ideaMaker. The missing preset folders are now ignored. Shift+Tab erroneously showed/hid the sidebar in the standalone G-Code Viewer (, Parsing of the G-Code annotations was made more specific so that comments provided by the user through custom G-Codes will not be interpreted as PrusaSlicer's own annotations (, Linux: Standalone G-Code Viewer did not work correctly when started from PrusaSlicer or with a, Linux: Fix crashes on Linux when incompatible, Improved bed model for Ender-2, Ender-3 printers, thanks to, Multiple Creality printers profiles were added (CR-10/20 family, Ender-5 and Ender-5 Plus, again thanks to, Several Creality filament profiles added (, 0.15mm Print profile for TRILAB printers added. The release candidate for Prusa Slicer is live. (, OSX specific: Preferences dialog was missing the option to "Enable support for legacy 3DConnexion devices". They were editable in the previous alpha by mistake. PrusaSlicer-2.3.0+linux-armv7l-202101111304.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0+linux-x64-GTK3-202101111352.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0+linux-x64-GTK3-202101111352.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0+linux-x64-202101111322.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0+linux-x64-202101111322.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+linux-x64-202101081026.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+linux-x64-202101081026.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+win32-202101081008.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+win64-202101081019.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+linux-x64-GTK3-202101081058.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+linux-armv7l-202101081008.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc3+linux-x64-GTK3-202101081058.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+linux-armv7l-202012221630.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+linux-x64-202012221648.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+linux-x64-202012221648.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+linux-x64-GTK3-202012221657.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+linux-x64-GTK3-202012221657.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+win32-202012221630.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc2+win64-202012221641.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+linux-x64-202012172035.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+linux-x64-202012172035.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+linux-x64-GTK3-202012172045.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+linux-x64-GTK3-202012172045.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+win32-202012172017.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+win64-202012172027.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-rc1+linux-armv7l-202012172016.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+win64-202012121809.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+-202012121756.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+linux-x64-202012121815.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+linux-x64-202012121815.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+win32-202012121757.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+linux-x64-GTK3-202012121853.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+linux-x64-GTK3-202012121853.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta3+linux-armv7l-202012121756.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+win32-202012051104.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+win64-202012051115.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+-202012051103.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+linux-x64-202012051122.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+linux-x64-202012051122.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+linux-armv7l-202012051103.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+linux-x64-GTK3-202012051553.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta2+linux-x64-GTK3-202012051553.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+linux-x64-202011281040.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+win32-202011281022.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+win64-202011281033.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+-202011281022.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+linux-x64-202011281040.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+linux-armv7l-202011281022.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+linux-x64-GTK3-202011281134.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-beta1+linux-x64-GTK3-202011281134.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+win32-202011211604.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+win64-202011211615.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+-202011211604.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+linux-x64-202011211622.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+linux-x64-202011211622.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha4+linux-armv7l-202011211604.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+-202011041520.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+linux-armv7l-202011041521.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+linux-x64-202011041552.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+linux-x64-202011041552.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+linux-x64-GTK3-202011041604.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+linux-x64-GTK3-202011041604.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+win32-202011041521.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha3+win64-202011041552.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+-202010241543.dmg, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+linux-armv7l-202010241543.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+win64-202010241601.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+win32-202010241543.zip, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+linux-x64-202010241644.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+linux-x64-GTK3-202010241727.AppImage, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+linux-x64-GTK3-202010241727.tar.bz2, PrusaSlicer-2.3.0-alpha2+linux-x64-202010241644.AppImage.
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