R2+△ from Neutral (Sword) – Axe: Dash Slam – Sword: Jumping Slash LM or RM after Sword attack is deflected, Sword: Return Stroke Striking Velkhana’s head deals anywhere from 30-100% more damage than hitting its other parts, and this discrepancy grows more if its head is tenderized. Includes … △ after: Y+B after: △ or O after Sword attack is deflected, Sword: Return Stroke If you don’t have vouchers to spare, it’s fine to just eat the chef special meal for guaranteed +50 HP. How to Charge Blade (in MH4U and MHW) — Steemit. Your email address will not be published. Required fields are marked *. – Slinger Burst (Sword), Sword: Charged Double Slash You should almost always prioritize keeping your shield charged. △ when walking down a slope, Sword: Jumping Rising Slash The Charge Blade is a high damage dealing weapon with defensive capabilities that can unleash devastating elemental attacks which can kill even the toughest monsters. If the monster bumps into a wall during the Flinch Shot, they will topple and give you a long opening. – Axe: Dash Slam Your email address will not be published. Y after: There are two types: Impact Phial and Power Element Phial, which you can think of as non-elemental and elemental. This is a small set of moves in axe mode that are useful to know before the following sections. (Ends in sliding) (Ends in Axe mode) Timing: at the end of the attack, Length of guard point: short RM when grappled to monster’s head using Clutch Claw, Flinch Shot 1.11.1 Axe mode combos ( Log Out /  – Axe: Dash Slam Remember that you can not only block physical attacks, but also roars, wind pressure, and tremors. Equipment. ↑+△ from Sheathed ↑+LM from Neutral (Axe) 2. – Axe: Overhead Slash Three interesting properties coincide to make this strategy stronger than you expect: (1) “overcharged” sword (when you attack too much before reloading) is forced to bounce on every attack (2) if you prevent an attack that would normally bounce from bouncing, it will have no hitstop (3) Charge Blade can give itself Mind’s Eye on all sword attacks by charging the sword. LM after Axe: Rising Slash 2.3.1 Sword mode combos for charging phials It is often necessary to angle left or right during the windup of these attacks to hit the target you want to hit (monster’s head, tail etc). *AED phial explosions are much stronger with elemental phials compared to impact phials. Y+B from Neutral (Sword) 3.2 Angling attacks Attacking in Sword mode will gradually build up phial energy in your Sword. Y from Midair (Axe) Sword mode boasts mobility and high guard capabilities, while axe mode boasts more powerful attacks. Omari: Picnic Baskets & Other Special Locations, Exterminator of the waste (Optional Quest) in MHW, The Best Kind of Quest (Main Quest) in MHW, Scratching the Itch (Optional Quest) in MHW, 6 Top Long Swords in Monster Hunter World, 6 Top Light Bowguns in Monster Hunter World, One For the History Books (Main Quest) in MHW, Scatternut Shortage (Optional Quest) in MHW, The Great Jagras Hunt (Main Quest) in MHW, The Great Glutton (Optional Quest) in MHW, Hunter’s Knife: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…, Steel Knife: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…, Iron Grace: Crafting Requirements & Upgrades…, How to Enable Cinematic RTX in Cyberpunk 2077, Cyberpunk 2077: Free Legendary Mantis Blades, Earth Crystal x2, Machalite Ore x2, Iron Ore x 5, Carbalite Ore x8, Dragonite Ore x5, Dragonvein Crystal x2, Elder Dragon Blood x2, Fucium Ore x13, Carbalite Ore x20, Firecell Stone x1, Xeno’jiiva Horn x2, Nergigante Horn+ x5, Nergigante Talon x5, Nergigante Gem x1, Rathalos Scale x6, Rathalos Tail x2, Rathalos Plate x1, Inferno Sac x3, Teostra Horn+ x2, Azure Rathalos Scale+ x6, Azure Rathalos  Tail x3, Rathalos Ruby x1, Monster Bone+ x2, Jyuratodus Fang x4, Jyuratodus Shell x3, Gaju Whisker x3, Elder Dragon Blood x3, Jyuratodus Fin+ x6,  Jyuratodus Fang+ x5 Wyvern Gem x1, Carbalite Ore x5, Legiana Tail Webbing x2, Legiana Webbing x3, Shamos Scale+ x5, Elder Dragon Blood x3, Legiana Claw+ x5, Legiana Hide+ x3, Wyvern Gem x1, Elder Dragon Blood x3, Rathian Spike+ x5 Pink Rathian Scale x6, Rathian Ruby x1, Monster Keenbone x2, Monster Bone+ x2, Quality Bone x2, Elder Dragon Bone x4, Monster Hardbone x6, Quality Bone x20, Dragonbone Relic x1, Monster Keenbone x4, Diablos Ridge x4, Diablos Tailcase x2, Diablos Marrow x1, Nergigante Horn+ x2, Black Spiral Horn+ x3, Black Diablos Carapace x4, Wyvern Gem x1, Monster Bone+ x3, Great Jagras Scale x5, Great Jagras Claw x3, Great Jagras Mane x3, Vaal Hazak Talon x2, Great Jagras Claw+ x8, Great  Jagras Hide+ x6, Nova Crystal x1, Fire Dragon Scale+ x4, Dodogama Jaw x4, Dodogama Tail x3, Wyvern Gem x1, Diablos Fang x2, Great Girros Fang x3, Great Girros Hood x2, Paralysis Sac x2, Vaal Hazak Fang+ x2, Great Girros Fang+ x5, Great Girros Hood+ x3, Bird Wyvern Gem x1, Xeno’Jiiva Veil x3, Vaal Hazak Talon x6, Vaal Hazak Tail x2, Vaal Hazak Gem x1, Monster Bone+ x2, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode x2, Tobi-Kadachi Membrane x2, Warped Bone x2, Elder Dragon x3, Tobi-Kadachi Electrode+ x4 Tobi-Kadachi Claw+ x6, Wyvern Gem x1, Quality Bone x5, Odogaron Claw x2, Odogaron Tail x2, Odogaron Plate x1, Teostra Claw+ x2, Odogaron Claw+ x6, Odogaron Fang+ x5, Odogaron Gem x1, Elder Dragon Bone x10, Brutal Bone x4, Dragonbone Relic x2, Wyvern Gem x1, Xeno’Jiiva Shell x4, Zorah Magdaros Ridge x2, Zorah Magdaros Pleura x2, Firecell Stone x3, Firecell Stone x1, Fucium Ore x5, Carbalite Ore x10, Wyvern Gem x1, Xeno’Jiiva Wing x2, Daora Horn+ x5, Daora Claw+ x4, Daora Gem x1, Xeno’jiiva Claw x4, Xeno’jiiva Shell x6, Xeno’jiiva Tail x2, Xeno’jiiva Gem x1, Elder Dragon Blood x5, Deviljho Scalp x2, Deviljho Tallfang x5, Deviljho Gem x1, Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Horn x2, Teostra Horn+ x3, Bazelgeuse Gem x1, Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Wing x3, Nergigante Horn+ x3 Nergigante Gem x1, Research Commission Ticket x1, Lunastra Tail x2, Xeno’jiiva Horn x3, Xeno’jiiva Gem x1. △ after: Timing: at the start of the attack. Why is this section all the way over here? ; Weapon Names with an underline cannot be rolled … Certain charge blade attacks have the shield in front of your character for a short time during the attack’s animation. MHW Iceborne PC | Best Early MR Charge Blade Build. The charge blade is the technical powerhouse of Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. – Sword: Morph Slash Jumping off a ledge in Sword mode and morphing to Axe is often a decent option as it is quick and can be followed by ED2 or AED/SAED. For example, many people start to associate Amped Element Discharge with pressing △+O 3 times in a row because it’s easy to memorize, but eventually you should learn that Amped Element Discharge follows Shield Thrust, which follows ANY Sword mode action including Reload. New to Iceborne, pressing L2 after certain actions will perform a Slinger Burst if you have slinger ammo loaded. This part of the guide mostly covers the moveset and mechanics of Charge Blade. However, you are disencentivized from using SAED because it will remove the buff immediately. In the air, both weapon forms can either perform a falling attack or an attack that morphs to the other form. △ when sliding, Tenderize Attack Ctrl when grappled to monster’s head using Clutch Claw. 3.6.4 Sheath cancelling ↔↕+O after: RT during Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge, Axe: Savage Axe Slash It’s time for our 3rd guide. For the first time we are stepping back from moveset and talking about properties of the weapon. General data sheet (includes numerical thresholds of knockback strength for small/medium/large strength) B when grappled to monster’s head using Clutch Claw, Flinch Shot This means the buff will always be removed when using SAED or charging your shield as these consume all loaded phials. By overcharging the sword and giving yourself Mind’s Eye (either through the armor skill or by charging sword), all Sword attacks will have no hitlag, greatly increasing your attack speed. – Climbing a ledge (in Sword mode), Sword: Spinning Slash Monster Hunter World – Charge Blade Guide & Builds. After you get a charge, press R+A in Sword Mode to fill the phials. – Axe: Element Discharge II* You’ve finished reading this guide, but reading can only get you so far. So the yellow icon does not necessarily mean you can flinch shot unless the monster is aggro’d with a yellow icon. A.1 Full moveset – Sword: Condensed Element Slash This is done by having left/right held (relative to your current facing direction) during the beginning moments of the attack. You’re already at the right website for that, If you reach a wall at a certain monster, look up quest speedruns on Youtube for Charge Blade vs. that monster. 3.6.3 Side hop from neutral The timing is somewhat tight so it will take some time to learn. Also called “overcharge” or “overheat” sword playstyle. Last updated on October 21st, 2018. As for the question of which part of each monster is weakest, usually you can’t go too wrong going for the head (especially with Impact Phials which can KO). – Axe: Savage Axe Slash R2+O from Neutral (Sword) R2 from Midair (Sword) or Midair (Sheathed), Sword: Sliding Attack 1.12.4 Slinger burst in Axe mode In particular, AED and Morph to Axe after blocking/guard-pointing become strong counter options and looping Elemental Discharge II gives you the highest DPS Charge Blade can do (see next section). Unlike fighting games where both the attacker and target freeze during hitlag, in Monster Hunter only the player freezes, meaning in some sense it is purely detrimental to experience hitlag as it slows your attack down and increases the time you are vulnerable. – Axe: (Rushing) Element Discharge I To be clear, this is not an optimal playstyle (to my knowledge) but it is fun to build for and play. Now we will zoom out of the moveset of Charge Blade and talk about factors will alter your gameplay even before starting a hunt, which Charge Blade has many of compared to other weapons. △ after Axe: Rising Slash LM after: Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The reason it is called this is that grappling onto the monster while it is clutch staggered will extend the stagger (for about 5 more seconds) and guarantee you have enough time to flinch shot or tenderize the monster. It’s helpful when starting out to memorize combos but take care not to get stuck only using them. Ctrl after any Axe attack except Savage Axe Slash, Sword: Jumping Slash Shield Thrust moves you forward a short distance (around 1/4 the distance of a roll) and is much quicker than rolling forward. Not to be confused with Sliding Slash, this is the slope-related mechanic in MHW. ( Log Out /  – Sword: Charged Double Slash – Axe: Smash (Ends in Sword mode) Instead of using Flinch Shot right away, you can also press O to turn the monster 90 degrees so they are facing a wall, then Flinch Shot. C during Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge, Axe: Rising Slash Condensed Element Slash is not a fast attack and thus competes with AED/SAED (and Savage Axe Slash which will be covered later) in openings where you can use it, and AED/SAED will deal more damage. ↑+△ after: Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. – Sword: Charge Phials R2+O after any Sword action except Charge Phials, Sword: Shield Thrust Large knockback: consumes 10 sharpness (5 if GP), Blocking with a guard point instead of holding block, Furious Rajang (laser, also needs Guard Up), Guard skill: +10/10/20/20/30 for level 1/2/3/4/5, Increase phial charge gain for all sword attacks by 5/10/20%, Decrease button hold time necessary to use Double Slash and Condensed Element Slash (sword charge) by 5/10/20%, Capacity Boost: increases phial cap from 5 to 6, Artillery: increases damage of Impact Phials, Water/Fire/Thunder/Dragon/Ice Attack: increases damage of Power Element Phials, Offensive Guard: gives you a temporary large attack boost when you perform a perfect block (start blocking immediately before monster’s attack hits you), Guard Up: allows you to block certain unblockable attacks, Slugger: increases KO status buildup of Impact Phials when striking a monster’s head, Weakness Exploit, Critical Eye, Agitator: increase affinity (critical chance), Critical Boost: increase physical damage of criticals, Fortify: increase Attack and defense significantly each time you faint, Felyne Bombardier (4 artillery food): increase damage of impact phials by 15%, Felyne Slugger (6 courage food): increase KO status buildup of impact phials, Felyne Polisher (2 courage food): speeds up sharpening time, Felyne Moxie (6 resilience food): prevents fainting once when your HP is above a certain level, Felyne Safeguard (6 preparation food): prevents quest faint counter from increasing once, attacks that bounce off the target have no hitlag (this is normally reserved for extremely tough monster parts), attack bouncing can be prevented using Mind’s Eye skill, Charge Blade can force Sword attacks to bounce by building too much phial energy without reloading, Charge Blade can give itself Mind’s Eye by charging the sword, Get into the game and hunt monsters with CB until you have memorized the controls, Condition yourself to use guard points instead of blocking, then hunt more monsters until you are comfortable guard pointing at all times, Optimize your armor and decorations! 1.1 Basic Gameplay Loop – Sword: Return Stroke – Sword: Morph Slash A full list of guard points is in [A.2]. Works with all weapons. While Charge Blade often should block roars instead of evading (since you can counter after blocking them), occasionally you will want to evade them instead. Another great move to work into combos is the sliding slash. [Top 5] MHW Best Charge Blade The melee damage king of base game is back in Iceborne with new moves and a new groove. I want to stress that ALL monsters enter the same pose to indicate a clutch stagger so try to get good at recognizing it. Artillery. Timing: at the start of input for Savage Axe Slash, Motion values and phial energy gain for all attacks While grappled, your stamina drains quickly. Guard 0 + charged shield = Guard 2 = Total Guard 1 – Axe: Dash Slam Weapon Guides. Y after: – Slinger Burst (Axe), Axe: Morph Slash – Axe: Jumping Slash In fighting game terms, Morph to Axe can take advantage of IASA frames but blocking with R2 cannot. A combination weapon of Sword and Shield that morphs into a wide slashing blade that wreaks havoc on monsters no matter how large or how small they can be. – Sword: Charge Phials, Sword: Condensed Element Slash (Sword charge) You can even charge the sword too since the last action is a reload. Overall the Charge Blade is a hard weapon to master at first but eventually after you have gotten the feel of the weapon, you can unleash destruction to those that get in your way. See below examples: Guard 1 + charged shield = Total Guard 3 You can watch a monster’s behavior during this delay before committing to AED/SAED or decide not to commit. I would generally recommmend to always use Focus 3 unless you are very experienced with CB. LT during Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge, Axe: Rising Slash The Guard Thresholds for Charge Blade are 14 and 39. Blocking an attack builds phial energy equal to a Weak Slash (3) for small or medium knockback, and triple that amount (9) for large knockback. Or to put it another way, the breakpoints of “total guard” are 0, 1, 3, 5, 7, 9. Automatically after using Sword: Forward Slash off a ledge, Axe: Jumping Slash As you attack in Sword mode, you charge the gauge. RM after Axe: Element Discharge II, Axe: Amped Element Discharge 1.9.3 Flinch Shot If you have full phials and red phial outlines, you can spend all your phials and then immediately reload without having to first attack in Sword mode. In Sword mode, dodging left or right after performing an action will replace the roll with a side hop. Guard 1 + charged shield + GP = Total Guard 5 This stance combines your sword and shield into a large arching sword that also uses up your Phials and Charge Blade Meter to unleash devastating attacks on monsters. This is because of the fact that if you take too much knockback after blocking/GPing, you can’t counter or take any action afterward. Ctrl from Midair (Sword) or Midair (Sheathed), Sword: Sliding Attack In this guide there is a showcase of all of the strongest weapons available for crafting that you may choose from and a discussion of the moves you can do with the Charged Blade. Guard points create a phial explosion if your shield is charged, Block strength is increased, stacking with the increase from charged shield. This guide is incredible! – Sword: Morph Slash R2 from Midair (Axe) Guard 3 + charged shield + GP = Total Guard 7 After attacking, you have a window of time to input a linked attack/action before your character resets to neutral standing position. Evade Window will make it easier but it’s not worth using decoration slots for. – Slinger Burst (Sword) 1.9 Clutch Claw Rising Slash will launch teammates into the air, even if they have Flinch Free. – Axe: Dash Slam (Ends in sliding) – Axe: Draw Attack – Axe: Jumping Slash There is no easy answer to the question of which phial type is better against a particular monster as it depends on exactly how weak it is to an element on each part of its body and how easy those parts are to hit. Generally, you should not prioritize keeping your sword charged. Usually, you want to link attacks in a combo as quickly as possible, but it can sometimes be useful to delay combo inputs. Kiranico (lots of useful info including monster hitzones and attack knockback strength) Y after Sword: Shield Thrust, Sword: Forward Slash (Ends in Sword mode) – Sword: Morph Slash Arch-Tempered Zorah Winter Star Festival Arch-Tempered Kushala Harvest Festival Summer Festival Spring Festival. The Charge Blade (CB) features 2 modes. – Axe: (Rushing) Element Discharge I Also, don’t forget you can bring 7 (seven) Max Potions to each quest. This technique is useful for minimizing the time needed to turn 180 and block/attack. O after: The following sections will explain different ways to use the Clutch Claw (at the very least it is several free topples every hunt so don’t skip figuring it out). Guide and best weapons compilation for MHW Charge Blade. When your shield is charged, Super Amped Element Discharge will replaced Amped Element Discharge. I've found using the one after the sliding slash works pretty alright too though once you get the hang of it. (Ends in Sword mode) If you made it here, congratulations! It's an Ax and a Sword N' Board - Probably the most obvious thing about the Charge Blade is the switching between sword and shield mode with the Ax mode. Below are the default controls for each platform (LM and RM are left click and right click on PC): Most weapon guides are videos as many people find it easier to learn visually and see the weapon at work, but I specifically made this one a text guide for the following reasons: While this is inspired by .txt gamefaqs guides of the past, I included video clips as I realize a text only guide would be too hard to follow. (Ends in Sword mode) Unfortunately, there aren’t any shortcuts to learning to dodge roars except by trying and failing until you get the timing, and every monster has a different roar (though monsters sharing the same skeleton often have the same timing). – Axe: Savage Axe Slash 4-minute read. When in doubt, use Impact Phials or look up a speedrun of the monster with CB and see what the speedrunner used. (Ends in midair) 1.12.1 Side hop Of note is that Charge Blade’s tenderize attack leaves you in Axe mode so you will be unable to block right away. A.2 List of Guard Points B(hold) from Neutral (Sword) Once you have the basic flow of the weapon down, everything after will be easy. Now this one may seem really obvious but it does take a while (as a new player) to adjust to the mindset that it’s not enough to hit the monster, you have to be hitting it in the right place. This section had to wait for the the explanation of Focus, which is why it’s all the way here. – Axe: Draw Attack Effective CB usage requires balancing between Sword mode, with its high mobility and ability to guard against incoming attacks, and Axe mode, with its longer reach and more powerful attacks. (Ends in midair) So anything up to 54 would be small knockback, 55 to 79 would be medium knockback, and 80+ would be large knockback. You must learn how to quickly transform the weapon, when and how use the charges and so on. With Guard and Focus being discussed above, these are other armor skills relevant to CB which don’t need their own section to explain. – Axe: Draw Attack Guard 0 + charged shield + GP = Guard 4 = Total Guard 3. This means a monster may enrage after just 1 flinch shot if enough damage is dealt to it. – Axe: Draw Attack As you use your regular attacks of your sword and shield combo it charges up your sword up to 3 levels of white, yellow, and red which once you reach the final stage your attacks will bounce. – Axe: Dash Slam – Axe: Savage Axe Slash – Slinger Burst (Axe), Axe: Element Discharge I 1.5 Super Amped Elemental Discharge – Axe: Overhead Slash △+O after: – Side hop, Sword: Morph Slash Many of these seem obvious when you read them (especially the first 3) but it takes a lot of time to incorporate them into your gameplay. ( Log Out /  △ from Neutral (Sword) 3.3 Delaying attacks Guarding uses stamina and if your stamina would be reduced to 0 by blocking an attack, the attack will pierce your block. – Sword: Charge Phials, Sword: Condensed Element Slash (Sword charge) Some attacks are technically blockable but have such high stamina depletion that they are effectively unblockable (only example I can think of is Kulve Taroth’s super ground punch. Same as Axe: Element Discharge I except ↑+B, Axe: Element Discharge II Impact Phial CBs can be used against any monster, but Power Element Phial CBs should only be used against monsters weak to the element on the CB. ". LM+RM from Neutral (Axe) The Charge Blade is one of those weapons that are easy to learn, but really hard to master. Same as Axe: Element Discharge I except ↑+O, Axe: Element Discharge II If you specifically want to move to the side and stay facing the same direction, this is faster than walking or rolling and turning. – any Sword attack except Sliding Slash Y after: *same input as Smash, if delayed will be Smash, Axe: Overhead Slash – Sword: Charge Phials △(hold) after Sword: Charge Phials, Sword: Sliding Slash With certain ammo types, this burst will always cause a monster to flinch. RM after: 2.2 Block Strength – Axe: Overhead Slash So the easiest way to do it in MHW is with sword out to just R2 and triangle together while shield is charged? This is false. ↑+LM from Sheathed When your character returns to a neutral standing position after performing an action, holding a direction will cause you to turn sharply (“pivot”) before beginning to walk in that direction. – Sword: Charge Phials – Axe: Jumping Slash Key: Images represent the progression of weapon appearance from left to right, the right most image being the final form. Same as Axe: Element Discharge I except ↑+RM, Axe: Element Discharge II If you are comboing a monster that is down, you also want to finish with AED as it is getting up but this requires planning out exactly how many ED2s you want to do before you begin comboing. LM when grappled using Clutch Claw, Turn monster Increasing block strength can reduce knockback and allow you to counter those attacks [2.2]. 1.12 Repositioning This is a complicated topic to explain (which is why I have provided a TLDR), but it is also one that is important to understand. △+O from Neutral (Sword) Charge attacks raise it faster. The Charge Blade has 5 phials by default and a charge gauge. In order for us to make the best articles possible, share your corrections, opinions, and thoughts about "List of Layered Weapons for Charge Blades" with us! As you build up more energy your phial gauge will change color from white, to yellow, to red. Some sample combos for different length openings can be found in section 3 here. – Sword: Shield Thrust – Axe: Savage Axe Slash, Axe: Rushing Element Discharge I Y or B after Axe attack is deflected, Axe: Smash – Sword: Morph Slash *same input as Rising Slash, if delayed will be Smash, Axe: Dash Slam Automatically after using Sword: Forward Slash off a ledge, Axe: Jumping Slash I recommend setting up your botany farm for Mandragora, Blue Mushroom, Bitterbug, and Honey which is all the ingredients required for Max Potions. △+O from Neutral (Axe) The Charge Blade is a versatile weapon that offers Hunters two modes of attacking in combat situations. For example, in the above example of side hop + pivot charged slash, inputting the turn + charged slash too early (before your character returns to neutral) would result in a sliding slash. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. – Sword: Block reaction (small or medium knockback), Axe: (Super) Amped Element Discharge In general the forward, left, and right Sliding Slashes are rarely used as they are quite slow and as mentioned you are vulnerable while sliding. Certain Charge Blade actions (mostly Axe attacks) trigger one or more phial explosions, Phial explosions do not consume sharpess and never crit, Phial explosion strength varies depending on the attack used to trigger them, Phial explosions contribute to breaking monster parts but not severing tails, Phial explosion damage is increased by having your shield charged, Deals damage that is independent of monster part toughness, Can KO monsters if impact phial explosions damage the monsters’ head, SAED creates phial explosions in a straight line, Damage is boosted by Artillery, Felyne Bombardier (canteen skill), and increasing your Attack value, Deals elemental damage which depends on how weak the monster’s part is to that element, SAED creates phial explosions in a wide V shape, Damage is boosted by increasing your element attack value, and hitting monster parts weak to that element, Shield Thrust (with shield charged): 1 very weak explosion, All other Sword mode attacks (with sword charged): 1 very weak explosion, Guard Point (with shield charged): 1 weak explosion, Axe Element Discharge 1: 1 weak explosion, consumes 1 phial, Axe Element Discharge 2: 2 weak explosions, consumes 1 phial, Axe Amped Element Discharge: 3 strong* explosions, consumes 1 phial, Axe Super Amped Element Discharge: N very strong explosions, consumes all N phials, Small knockback: consumes 1 sharpness, can counter, Medium knockback: consumes 2 sharpness (1 if GP), can counter. Also, tails are thin and usually constantly moving hitboxes.. don’t be so tempted by the tail carve that you deal no damage during the hunt. – Roll (in Sword mode) – Axe: Overhead Slash It's the fastest one to pop out at least. Using the armor skill Guard Up makes most of these attacks blockable but some attacks are never blockable even with Guard Up. O after Axe: Element Discharge II, Axe: Amped Element Discharge The Charge Blade is one of the most difficult weapons to master in Monster Hunter: World. If you are curious about which skills to prioritize, check out the builds section of this website. It should only take a few Master Rank Jagras hunts in order to get the pieces that you need to make the weapon. For Monster Hunter: World on the PlayStation 4, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Charge blade augment - attack or affinity? 3.6.1 Dodging roars B after: The forward and back sliding slashes are always a fixed distance in a straight line, but the left and right sliding slashes can be influenced by holding left/right during the slide, allowing you to turn almost 180 degrees (if you hold right on a left sliding slash or vice versa). – any Sword attack This is just a quick PSA that you can walk quickly while using items using the sprint button (consumes stamina). Warning! – Sword: Shield Thrust Charge Blade Weapon Tree for Monster Hunter World (MHW) Iceborne showcases the different upgrade paths for the Charge Blade weapon category. The walking sheath animation can be interrupted by walking off a small ledge (doesn’t work with tall ledges). When in doubt, look up a speedrun of the monster and see what the runner focuses on. Then you can combo into any of the options after blocking in the above section. Y after: This is your basic moves and stances that charge your blade to obtain Phials or using your shield to block incoming attacks. This is your hardest hitting strike that deals damage not only in the area where your sword hits but also a certain range in front of you unleashing heavy amounts of damage in an area. The knockback value is a whole number, with most knockback values falling between 10 and 100. – Axe: Overhead Slash MHW: Iceborne - Walkthrough & Guide. – Sword: Return Stroke In this case, it’s the phial type which is tied to each different Charge Blade. ↔↕+B after: If you are very dedicated to Charge Blade and want to reach the realm of clearing quests in 5 minutes or less, this section may help you by explaining some techniques that strong players and speedrunners naturally use but may escape the eye of newer players even when watching speedruns.
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