Technical Specs, See agents for this cast & crew on IMDbPro, The Local Pedestrian Population: Red Dead Online. RDR2's Alex McKenna talks Sadie Adler's appeal and character arc. Arthur Morgan - Roger Clark. Derek Luke Actor | Antwone Fisher Derek Luke was born on April 24, 1974 in Jersey City, New Jersey, USA. Post Comment. 0. Alex McKenna was born on 15th October, 1984 in Hollywood, California. share. Release Dates However, fans are also happy to hear some familiar voices with many of the actors from the first game back on board to voice the characters again in RDR2. User Info: RentonThursten. In 1895, while attempting to steal some chickens, Javier came across Dutch van der Linde doing the same. Both lost their lovers and have awesome chemistry. I’ll gladly admit she had great moments as a character, but for me, it’s difficult to get over her screeching voice most of the time. 8. 97% Upvoted. level 2. Charles Smith. Once you finish the game, after the Epilogue, you will come across Nigel, 10 years older, looking like a crazy man, wandering the streets and still asking for his friend Gavin. User Info: _Emi_. Susan Grimshaw – Kaili Vernoff (Ewan1971/IMDb) Company Credits Involvement in the Red Dead series 0. 7. Sean MacGuire (Michael Mellamphy) is a gunman of the Van der Linde gang. save. Born in roughly 1844, Hosea states that he was \"raised in the mountains\" during his early years. Faved by 2 BTVA Members. | Sadie hid in the cellar to avoid the same fate. RDR2 was a huge coup for the actor, whose only IMDb credits prior to the game were a bit part in a TV movie and a short film called Deceive. Within the Red Dead series, McKenna was cast as the voice and motion-capture actor for Sadie Adler, a woman in her prime who joined the Van der Linde gang after the O'Driscoll gang murdered her husband. McKenna felt that Sadie continued to travel without settling after the events of the game. Clark is at pains to debunk the common perception that video games like RDR2 use only voice acting, with an actor in a booth with a script, where their lines are added to the animation. The leaker also says a few of the original voice actors have ... Would be interested to if they add in some extra content to tie in some bits of RDR2. Red Dead Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Leopold Strauss. This thread is archived . He came to see the gang as his family and his true home. He is an actor, known for Antwone Fisher (2002), Glory Road (2006) and Captain America: The First Avenger (2011). She is both an actress and a producer, who is best known for her roles in Code Black, Bear with Us and, most recently, as Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption 2. 2 years ago. Also, we didn’t see a voice actor for Gavin in the credits. 160. share. TIL voice actors are hot. Lore. Recently seen in Ant-Man & The Wasp as Agent Burleigh, Benjamin … ActressProducer Sort by. Can I romance Sadie? During the Fan Expo Canada 2019 convention, a panel was held with the participation of several actors who provided voices for characters in Red Dead Redemption 2. Before reading ahead, please note that some of the voice actors featured below may potentially … Profession hide. Agnes Dowd voiced by Kaitlyn Bausch . _Emi_ 2 years ago #2. Sadie Adler voiced by Alex McKenna . Here’s what lies beyond. They both laughed, and Dutch fed and clothed Javier, offering him a spot in the Van der Linde gang. | He has been married to Sophia Adella Luke since April 4, 1999. Official Sites Sign in to ... (I honestly thought he was the voice actor until I looked him up) Molly O'Shea - Orla Brady Orville Swanson - Kevin Bacon Sadie Adler - Hard to top the voice actor as I would cast her but my other two options are Julia Garner or Emma Stone Sean McGuire - Domhnall Gleeson Simon Pearson - Dan Aykroyd Susan … best. Alex McKenna is the voice of Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption II. Javier became a gunman for t… 427. share. Susan Grimshaw voiced by Kaili Vernoff . Uncle voiced by James Anthony McBride and 1 other . Red Dead Redemption I had the bug, and kept getting that female ghost voice saying Arthur! She is best known for her roles in DieRy, Vinyl and, most recently, in Red Dead Redemption 2 as Mary-Beth Gaskill. Sadie Adler. Red Dead Redemption II (Video Game 2018) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Cast Your Live-Action RDR2 Actors/Actresses Follow @RedDeadNet! They have one child. Caution: Red Dead Redemption 2 story spoilers ahead! Featured voice actors in Red Dead Redemption 2. The actors formed a close bond during production, which helped with individual performances. RentonThursten 2 years ago #1. Initially married and working a small homestead with her husband, Jake Adler, their house was robbed and her husband was killed by the O'Driscoll Boys. Alex McKenna was born on 15th October, 1984 in Hollywood, California. Make sure to hit the to be notified when new videos are uploaded. Tilly Jackson voiced by Meeya Davis-Glover . And while I think that RDR2 had some of the best voice acting in the past few years, Sadie brings every moment to a disappointing halt. level 1. In his early years, Matthews was briefly a stage actor who had dreams of being a comedian, although he later became an outlaw.In the mid-1870s, … Comments Add a Comment. every time I entered camp even if no woman were closeby at the time in chapter 3 so I kind of suspect it was linked. Sean MacGuire. Maybe, he just ran away from Nigel. 2 years ago. Alex McKenna Javier felt an immediate affinity with the gang and its ideals. Date of birth Video Game: Red Dead Redemption II Franchise: Red Dead. October 15th, 1984 (age 35) She is both an actress and a producer, who is best known for her roles in Code Black, Bear with Us and, most recently, as Sadie Adler in Red Dead Redemption 2. … Furthermore, she serves as a major, supporting character in Red Dead Redemption 2. Report Save. Nope. Have you consistently seen John, his girlfriend, Jack, or Sadie around the camp. Role Red Dead Redemption 2’s campaign is epic, but isn’t the end of your Western journey. He especially idolized Dutch for his revolutionary ideals and became fiercely loyal to him. RDR2 Voice Recording Took Five years; Backstage Facts From Development . (writer: local pedestrian and ambient conversation) &, (writer: local pedestrian and ambient conversation), (written by: ingame journal, catalogue, media and entertainments) and, (written by: ingame journal, catalogue, media and entertainments), props art director / vehicle art director, artist: Magic Lantern and Moving Picture Shows, principal lead sound designer (as Jeffrey R Whitcher) / sound designer (as Jeffrey R Whitcher), stunt double: Rob Wiethoff / stunt performer / stunt player, technical director: Animation & Cinematography, principal lead animator: Cinematic Animation, character art director / facial art director, post production supervisor (as Adam de Oliveira), Cinematic Animator / animation production assistant, lead programmer: Animation & Cinematography, animation production coordinator (as Roland Le Good), additional animation direction for blendouts (uncredited), drums (as David J Chegwidden) / percussion (as David J Chegwidden), additional music / bass / guitar / percussion, bass (as Woodrow Wilson Jackson III) / guitars (as Woodrow Wilson Jackson III) / keyboards (as Woodrow Wilson Jackson III) / percussion (as Woodrow Wilson Jackson III), guitar specialist/arranger (as Pablo Reyes) / musician: guitar (as Pablo Reyes), additional music / orchestration bass / woodwinds, additional music supervision / additional music, additional motion capture (as Ashley Adams), additional motion capture (as Patrick Ball), additional motion capture (as Ignacio Sean Borderes), ambient designer / lead designer: Openworld & Ambient Content Design / open world designer, additional motion capture (as Nicholas Calhoun) / additional motion capture, designer: Openworld & Ambient Content Design, lead programmer: Cover, Rider & Vehicle Mechanics, additional motion capture (as Gary Desbien), additional motion capture / cutscene director, publishing / studio development operations, additional motion capture (as Margaret Ann Florence) / additional motion capture, lead programmer: Graphics & Visual Effects (as Rick Frankish), motion capture: Antoinette Sanseverino (as Sasha the Fire Gypsy), additional motion capture (as Mike Giese), technical director: Graphics & Visual Effects, additional motion capture (as Rich Hollman), additional motion capture (as Kris Kling), studio technical director: Rockstar Leeds, additional motion capture (as Pablo Reyes), additional motion capture (as Roland Le Good), facial scan / lead programmer: Tools - Development, facial scan / lead designer: Camp & Town Content Design, additional motion capture/facial scan (as Robbie Martin), additional motion capture / additional motion capture: Rhodes Bartender / facial scan: Rhodes Bartender, additional motion capture (as Kendrick Reinsch), additional motion capture / additional motion capture: Rhodes Gunsmith / facial scan: Rhodes Gunsmith, studio director (as Daniel Smith) / studio director, studio technical director (as Hughes St-Pierre), lead programmer: Character Movement & Weapons, lead programmer: Graphics & Visual Effects, facial scan / lead designer: Wilderness Content Design, technical game designer: Online Systems (uncredited). Report Save. Here are the major voice actors in Red Dead Redemption 2. Dutch van der Linde - Benjamin Byron Davis. SHOW COMMENTS (0) Why Is This One Of Your Favorites? Appaently Rockstar scrapped a second romance storyline and I suspect it was her. 125 comments. Samantha Strelitz is an American actress. Albert Cakes voiced by Michael Cullen . New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Ladies of RDR2 collage. User Info: Weiland101. Thanks to the questions asked by fans, we learned a lot of facts and details from behind the scenes of the production. Weiland101 2 years ago #3. User Info: Saiaxs. Abe voiced by Scott Richard Foster . She grew up raising harsh land in the mountains and can ride, hunt and shoot with the best of them. Every single voice line is overacted. Sadie Adler. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Sean MacGuire voiced by Michael Mellamphy . Red Dead Redemption 2 Voice Actors. level 2. - Share your reason with the rest of the community. Open world single player games, I've played. | Voice actor’s headshots are hot. | My Reason: Characters left: 140 I Don't Have A Reason / I'll Add One Later. You might have the glitch that causes them to be missing most of the time like me. 0. Maybe Gavin decided to go back to UK. A 1907 newspaper notes various members of the gang who are considered at large (excluding Sadie Adler) and puts Charles Smith's name right next to Micah, Bill, Javier and John. OC. Albert Mason voiced … Sadie a widow hell-bent on taking revenge upon the men who broke into her home and killed her husband Jake - the O'Driscolls. report. 2 years ago. Sadie Adler's actor Alex McKenna spoke at length with us about playing a powerful female character. friend code: 0662-3167-6759 PSN: taoshin3j gamertag: taoshin3j. Sadie Adler VOICE Alex McKenna. Acrisius voiced by David Patterson . Filming & Production Known for playing Duke Theseus in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Patron in Zero Hour, Red Dead Redemption 2 is undoubtedly Roger Clark’s biggest gig yet. He also mentions that his father lived a life of \"sin and debauchery that would make an emperor blush\" until he died at age 75, and that he did love him - despite only seeing him 3 times in his life.
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