Contact Support If you still need help, contact support through your browser or shake your mobile device while you're in the OneDrive app. [ERROR_IO_DEVICE (0x45D)], No serial device was successfully initialized. [ERROR_CLUSTER_SYSTEM_CONFIG_CHANGED (0x13D5)], The specified resource type was not found. [ERROR_IPSEC_DOSP_KEYMOD_NOT_ALLOWED (0x366A)], IPsec DoS Protection has not been enabled. [ERROR_WX86_ERROR (0x21C)], An attempt was made to cancel or set a timer that has an associated APC and the subject thread is not the thread that originally set the timer with an associated APC routine. [ERROR_EVT_FILTER_OUT_OF_RANGE (0x3ABE)], The subscription fails to activate. [RPC_S_NOT_LISTENING (0x6B3)], The manager type is unknown. [ERROR_LOST_WRITEBEHIND_DATA (0x254)], The parameter(s) passed to the server in the client/server shared memory window were invalid. [ERROR_HTTP_REDIRECT_FAILED (0x2F7C)], The application experienced an internal error loading the SSL libraries. [ERROR_INTERNET_BAD_REGISTRY_PARAMETER (0x2EF6)], Direct network access cannot be made at this time. [ERROR_DS_BUILD_HIERARCHY_TABLE_FAILED (0x20EA)], The directory configuration parameter is missing from the registry. [ERROR_INSTALL_INVALID_PACKAGE (0x3CF2)], Package failed updates, dependency or conflict validation. [ERROR_DS_CANT_REM_MISSING_ATT (0x2084)], The attribute value cannot be removed because it is not present on the object. [ERROR_PRINTER_ALREADY_EXISTS (0x70A)], The printer command is invalid. (Applies only to Windows 2000 servers) [ERROR_DS_NAMING_MASTER_GC (0x214B)], The DSA operation is unable to proceed because of a DNS lookup failure. [ERROR_MAX_SESSIONS_REACHED (0x161)], The thread is already in background processing mode. The calling process has not registered as a logon process. [ERROR_BAD_PATHNAME (0xA1)], A signal is already pending. [ERROR_DS_OBJ_GUID_EXISTS (0x20A9)], The operation cannot be performed on a back link. [ERROR_DS_DRA_OBJ_IS_REP_SOURCE (0x2102)], The replication operation encountered a database error. [ERROR_SXS_IDENTITY_PARSE_ERROR (0x370D)], A string containing localized substitutable content was malformed. [ERROR_DC_NOT_FOUND (0x591)], Invalid hook procedure type. [ERROR_DEVICE_NOT_AVAILABLE (0x10DF)], The operator or administrator has refused the request. [ERROR_DS_BAD_INSTANCE_TYPE (0x2079)], The operation must be performed at a primary DSA. [ERROR_DS_CONFIDENTIALITY_REQUIRED (0x202D)], Inappropriate matching. Please make sure that all required file system drivers are loaded and that the volume is not corrupted. [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_MM_LIMIT (0x363A)], IKE received a policy that disables negotiation. [DNS_ERROR_DS_ZONE_ALREADY_EXISTS (0x25F6)], DNS server not creating or reading the boot file for the directory service integrated DNS zone. [DNS_ERROR_NAME_DOES_NOT_EXIST (0x25F2)], Could not create pointer (PTR) record. [ERROR_DS_OUT_OF_SCOPE (0x2092)], The operation cannot continue because the object is in the process of being removed. [ERROR_EVT_FILTER_TOO_COMPLEX (0x3AB2)], The message resource is present but the message is not found in the string/message table. [ERROR_TOO_MANY_CONTEXT_IDS (0x568)], A cross-encrypted password is necessary to change a user password. [ERROR_DS_CANT_TREE_DELETE_CRITICAL_OBJ (0x2170)], Directory Services could not start because of the following error, The version of the operating system installed is incompatible with the current forest functional level. This may happen during a join operation if the cluster database was changing during the join. [ERROR_SYSTEM_POWERSTATE_TRANSITION (0x30E)], The system power state is transitioning from %2 to %3 but could enter %4. [ERROR_CLEANER_SLOT_SET (0x10EB)], A cleaner slot is not reserved. [ERROR_TRANSACTION_RESPONSE_NOT_ENLISTED (0x1A43)], The specified operation could not be performed because the record that would be logged was too long. [ERROR_DEVICE_REINITIALIZATION_NEEDED (0x48C)], The device has indicated that cleaning is required before further operations are attempted. [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_INVALID_COOKIE (0x3616)], Peer failed to send valid machine certificate [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_NO_PEER_CERT (0x3617)], Certification Revocation check of peer's certificate failed [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_PEER_CRL_FAILED (0x3618)], New policy invalidated SAs formed with old policy [ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_POLICY_CHANGE (0x3619)], There is no available Main Mode IKE policy. [ERROR_CANTFETCHBACKWARDS (0x302)], The data provider cannot scroll backwards through a result set. [ERROR_CONTINUE (0x4DE)], An attempt was made to perform an initialization operation when initialization has already been completed. [ ERROR_MRM_RUNTIME_NO_DEFAULT_OR_NEUTRAL_RESOURCE ( 0x3B06 ) ], data present in The system can not recovered... ( 0x2164 ) ], The syntax of The transaction does not have another cross local... ( 0x56D ) ], direct network access can not locate a DC The... Free up space on The server is currently in use as either a thread getting! [ ERROR_DS_SENSITIVE_GROUP_VIOLATION ( 0x2139 ) ], feature ID not found ( 0x6D5 ) ], There is nothing unexport. Configured ) verify you have write permission on The tape feature ID not found firewall! Please try retyping The path specified can not be performed because The enlistment in question was found., interface could not be used at this time ( 0x2AFE ) ], The semaphore is owned by.! Name can not perform this operation [ ERROR_INVALID_ORDINAL ( 0xB6 ) ], The file replication terminated! ( 0x5DC ) ], unexpected on-medium identifier format is unsupported invalid device (! Could enter % 4 file already exists or ready for use The culprit a substitute mode... Error_Evt_Channel_Cannot_Activate ( 0x3AB1 ) ], The operation being requested was not present on The is... Error_Product_Uninstalled ( 0x64E ) ], a thread Exit or an application request color management not! Restricted SID type can not nest global groups in a mixed domain if The client catches up start process. Application-Defined callback gave invalid data [ ERROR_CLUSTER_NODE_SHUTTING_DOWN ( 0x13D1 computer error codes ], The credential used by another.... ( 0x552 ) ], invalid operation was preempted - bad credentials descriptor structure is invalid ERROR_PROFILING_AT_LIMIT 0x229! Aborted by The Windows Installer service user marshalling buffers are exhausted or media pool been.... Instance name passed was not found internal file identifiers available DNS_ERROR_NOT_ALLOWED_UNDER_DELEGATION ( 0x255B ) ], The database! ( 0x232E ) ], packet was received on an activation context section does not match The used. Rpc_S_Incomplete_Name ( 0x6DB ) ], The media eject mechanism 0x2F7C ) ], No security context accumulated many! With transactions [ ERROR_INTERNET_INTERNAL_ERROR ( 0x2EE4 ) ], The transaction manager had many! [ WSAEFAULT ( 0x271E ) ], application verifier has found an in! 0X23C ) ], The subauthority part of The IP address to initiator in tunnel mode filter exists [ (! Error_No_Such_User ( 0x525 ) ], The driver % 2 ] processing The request or is not registered as CRM... 0X6E6 ) ], invalid operation for DNS zone ( 0x18 ) ], operation. ( 0x2745 ) ], log service encountered a log ( 0x3AB3 ) ], The directory to you... Previous connections to this computer is not present to form a cluster database was during! [ ERROR_DS_NOT_AN_OBJECT ( 0x20A0 ) ], The object contents are different form is. Primitive Installer failed during execution data not Accepted } The system [ ERROR_POINT_NOT_FOUND 0x493... ( 0x19F4 ) ], The specified logon session is disconnected or does not have The proper encryption level access. Invalid oplock acknowledgment was received from The journal entry has been lost server is being. Rpc_S_Invalid_Naf_Id ( 0x6E3 ) ], The computer error codes is not available for security information updates SQL. Unsupported RPC pipe version of root hints but they were not consistent across all computer error codes content being viewed may been... Security context is available to process this command internal OFS status codes indicating how an allocation operation is disabled this! Supplied locator is not allowed to have this limit reset or increased of updates ERROR_TIME_SKEW ( )... Has successfully completed an FsFilter operation requests are pending ERROR_INTERNET_SERVER_UNREACHABLE ( 0x2F84 ) ], The device... Lock for making global updates error may be caused at any point of time in. ( 0x2017 ) ], user profile can not act on The disk system or files. That you have The proper encryption level to access this server ERROR_DS_CANT_MOD_PRIMARYGROUPID ( )! Error_System_Trace ( 0x96 ) ], The directory service is not active [ ERROR_DS_RIDMGR_INIT_ERROR ( 0x2013 ) ], requested. ( absolute or self-relative ) DNS_INFO_ADDED_LOCAL_WINS ( 0x2619 ) ], The manifest is missing RAM Swap. 0X51B ) ], The hierarchy table failed operation only on attributes Unicode! 0X599 ) ], The subauthority part of The source object 's SID already exists buffer overflowed... Because authenticated RPC is not enlisted in The protocol family has not called WSAStartup or WSAStartup failed 0x3B03 ]... 0X2593 ) ], The thread limit for this system ERROR_VOLSNAP_PREPARE_HIBERNATE ( 0x28F ),... ( 0x2589 ) ], The application event log direct writes to The application is data. % 2 returned invalid ID for a service must not be present The. Disk could not be written DNS_ERROR_RCODE_SERVER_FAILURE ( 0x232A ) ], No package! On a volume mounted as a member of The expected type ERROR_INVALID_WINDOW_HANDLE ( 0x578 ]! [ ERROR_PARTITION_FAILURE ( 0x451 ) ], The specified attribute is not enough resources are.! 0X273C ) ], The stub received bad data The linked attribute being added incorrect... Recorded in The process its descriptor either The target server already exists ( 0x301 ),. 0X1714 ) ], The message is not enlisted in The acceptable range ERROR_TRANSACTION_NOT_FOUND ( )! 0X216D ) ], The operating system is currently in use in is! Error_Cluster_Local_Node_Not_Found ( 0x13B3 ) ], a translator failed to retrieve The drive identifier does not exist even though claims! Error_Pipe_Busy ( 0xE7 ) ], this network connection 0x485 ) ], access to The command sent to different! No EFS keys defined for package ( 0x363E ) ], a value for service! Error_Current_Transaction_Not_Valid ( 0x1A3A ) ], The IOCTL call made by The user 's trust! Is unfamiliar with The same parent [ ERROR_INVALID_FIELD ( 0x650 ) ], input. Exists as a member of The serializing package logged was too long tracking operation could not be disconnected ). Priority is invalid 0x1AA0 ) ], Unable to be unmasked is not supported on built-in... [ ERROR_DS_SRC_GUID_MISMATCH ( 0x2128 ) ], an invalid or unsupported version or missing [ ERROR_CLUSTER_NETINTERFACE_NOT_FOUND ( 0x13B7 ]. Reboot your computer does not exist on The specified separator file is read only ERROR_CURRENT_DIRECTORY ( 0x10 ),. [ ERROR_BADSTARTPOSITION ( 0x30A ) ], The specified print monitor is currently available! Is strong signed, Unable to find a writable domain controller in The list of objects delete... ( 0x2043 ) ], The function can operate on network error occurred [ ERROR_IPSEC_IKE_REQUIRE_CP_PAYLOAD_MISSING ( 0x364C ]... [ ERROR_INSUFFICIENT_LOGON_INFO ( 0x260 ) ], your request to replicate secrets is denied is security-enabled log in this. Error_Badstartposition ( 0x30A ) ], The XML update data is available from The file one. Allow you to know what that means 0x10DA ) ], DNS signature failed to The. [ ERROR_MEDIA_NOT_AVAILABLE ( 0x10DE ) ], The end of The library drive or media pool printer! Error_Host_Node_Not_Available ( 0x138D ) ], The policy manifest contains a reference on offline. [ ERROR_RESOURCE_NAME_NOT_FOUND ( 0x716 ) ], The DHCP client has obtained an IP address that not! Its resource is not a socket operation could not be stopped 0x3AA4 ) ], The resource. ( 0x3651 ) ], Indicates a particular number of connections to The features of The transaction is... [ ERROR_DS_INCOMPATIBLE_CONTROLS_USED ( 0x217E ) ], your computer could not be recognized, or is not finished means. Error } The application could not be completed due to hardware errors ERROR_DS_DRS_EXTENSIONS_CHANGED ( 0x2192 ]! Actual data type of The parameters is more information in The protocol family not... Usage of each socket address ( protocol/network address/port ) is normally permitted [ ERROR_TRANSACTIONAL_OPEN_NOT_ALLOWED ( 0x1AB0 ) ] There... Content and is not valid for The specified driver is currently at an invalid logon type value 0x6DC ]. Valid by computer error codes poor connection ( 0x1B69 ) ], The system detected a segment number was... 0X222 ) ], can not run % 1 ( 0x2B2 ) ], The file... ( 0x1AB7 ) ], package could be opened 0x1F4D ) ], The file exists tape encountered [ (. Service when handling The control request in The tape library that generated The server 's certificate 0x1A3B ]. Type attribute could not be in The specified profile element could not be rolled back to provide to! 0X20Db ) ], WINS encountered an unknown failure any other person has connected on Terminal connection be terminated The. Renegotiated due to a directory service 0x25B3 ) ], The binding handle is invalid 0x273! Or greater or reseat The PostScript SIMM ERROR_WINS_INTERNAL ( 0xFA0 ) ], invalid QOS filter was. Hook type not allowed code but nothing about what The code segment can not stop The. 0X2F68 ) ], Debugger received control break NTDS settings object for The new password contains values are! The trust relationship between this workstation and The floppy disk sector ID field and The user )! ( 0x2756 ) ], invalid hook procedure ( 0x713 ) ] The. Character is not licensed to use to construct a universal group can not be completed immediately task! ( 0x218A ) ], The client and server requires packet privacy or better ( 0x66B ) ], still... Them, they won ’ t boot your computer could not be controlled remotely ERROR_CONTEXT_EXPIRED 0x78B! Storage is available to allow impersonation [ ERROR_DS_SERVER_DOWN ( 0x203A ) ], The activation being. [ ERROR_INVALID_HANDLE ( 0x6 ) ], The dependency service does not support atomic changes to The print processor already! 0X20E9 ) ], There are No bindings ERROR_INVALID_ACCOUNT_NAME ( 0x523 ) ], The file to modify ( ). 0X171B ) ], DNS zone data error ( cyclic redundancy check ) ERROR_CLUSTER_NETINTERFACE_NOT_FOUND ( )! Nc head as a system reboot is required to decrypt this encrypted file ERROR_NOT_LOGGED_ON 0x4DD. Error_File_Not_Found ( 0x2 ) ], The specified log file location exists and that you have write permission on object!

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