These succulents are named after their small, round shape with spines that look like a full pincushion! Thanks, I appreciate it! I pick aeonium flower spikes like those shown here and plunk them into a 3-foot-tall terracotta vase in my home’s entryway. In his spare time, Jonas writes books and short stories and likes to draw lighthearted illustrations. They are perfect as a ground cover plant and do very well in sunny positions. Echeveria. (Hey, they’re succulents. Mar 31, 2018 - Formally known as Greenovia dodrentalis, 'rose succulents' feature rounded petals layered in symmetrical patterns evocative of a blossoming flower. fish: fish...that is because someone was too lazy too Google the images and get the names. Support Flowers and flowerthings by using the affiliate links in my posts for shopping. Fight boredom with iPhones and iPads here. The login page will open in a new tab. And how do they do this? 8. Thankfully not that strong, you hardly notice from about a meter away, but you definitely don't want to have it close to your couch. Even the petals are waxy and store moisture.) Support Flowers and flowerthings by using the affiliate links in my posts for shopping. Succulents are plants that can get on perfectly in a very harsh environment, very often long deprived of water. The Kenya Hyacinth is one of the succulents that can look beautiful anywhere in the home if you take care of it. Fun fact: A group of dolphins is called a pod. Aeonium, however, grow long, curling, woody stems that branch, with rosettes at each tip. The Delosperma succulents are very cold hardy as long as they’re kept dry during winter. Jan 30, 2013 - This Pin was discovered by Erin McCormick. Also known as ‘Donkey’s tail,’ this cool succulent has small numerous small blue-green plump leaves that make the plant look like a tail. The plants do not flower well when placed in a relatively sizeable growing container, and the plants also do not like being repotted. This is in reference to the fact that it produces plantlets or chicks continuously making it seem as if it lasts forever. Kenya Hyacinth foliage shaped like a beautiful lance can grow to be 45 cm (1.5 feet) long. Everything You Need To Know. Portulaca is especially well-suited for growing in containers on patios and decks, with its fleshy, succulent leaves, red stems, and colorful cactus-like flowers in shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, purple and white. I receive a small commission (no extra cost to you) which allows me to continue creating helpful free content. Read on to discover some others that resemble things found in nature. Like all succulents, echeverias store water in their fleshy leaves. Like all other plants, succulents flower to attract pollinators. Jonas enjoys writing articles ranging from serious topics like politics and social issues to more lighthearted things like art, pop culture, and nature. Like us on Facebook for more stories like this: According to Reddit, Haworthia plants are easy to take care of, "Karen" Keeps Leaving Notes Complaining About Woman's Decorations, Woman Responds By Adding Even More, 50 Dogs Who Don’t Understand How BIG They Are, Incredibly Caring Gay Penguin Couple Hatch A Second Neglected Egg After The Zookeepers Notice Them Trying To Hatch A Rock, Instead Of Covering Grey Roots, This Hair Colorist Makes Clients Embrace It (30 New Pics), Woman Shares A List Of Acceptable Donation To Food Banks Which Gets Appreciated By 108K People On Twitter. The snake plant is the most common low-light succulent plant found in homes, offices, and buildings. By Kelly Richman-Abdou on April 24, 2017 . The woolly leaves are just over an inch long and are a silvery-green with brown mottling. They look like palm trees. Water your echeveria when about 1” (2.5 cm) of the soil on the top is dry. 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This rare succulent is … Error occurred when generating embed. The leaves are less than have an inch wide and it will get about two inches tall. The ‘King of the Agaves’ is a stunning blue succulent with a spiky rosette shape. The roots are particular about what nutrients they take up. The fact that they can go for long periods of time without water makes them convenient for busy people, for those who travel, or the merely forgetful. I receive a small commission (no extra cost to you) which allows me to continue creating helpful free content. All orders include planting and growing instructions! Succulent plants that look like rabbits. 2. They are adapted to very harsh, hot climates. Popular Videos. Keep on scrolling to check out some pictures of this stunning rose-shaped succulent. Now those are some huge potato crisps/chips. The plant typically reaches about 12 inches in height. Creating an account means you agree with Bored Panda's, We and our trusted partners use technology such as cookies on our site to personalize content and ads, provide, social media features, and analyze our traffic. The fronds look like they're waving about in the air. Some of the fantastically strange plants like the mermaid tail or the opal-like clear succulents look like they’re from another planet and something that aliens keep on their alien desks in their alien offices. Click here for your free copy of The Beginners Guide to Succulents ebook! We respect your privacy. I had to Google it, and supposedly it is called "euphorbia obesa" and it does indeed look like the photo above. Thank you so much for all your comments to tell us about these succulents. Succulents that flower come in different shades from pale green, to purple, and pink. Please check link and try again. Striking and beautiful, needs a lot of hear and sun. Posted in Guides > Indoor Succulents / Outdoor Succulents / Types of Cacti / Types of Succulents, When Should You Really Water Your Succulents, 12 Stunning Minimalist Succulent Planters, Succulents: Popular Trends on Instagram@ #succiepotinapot, Top 5 Hanging Succulent Planters Worth Having, How to Propagate Succulents Successfully, Why Are My Succulent Leaves Falling Off? It's still worth it to splurge on fresh roses every now and then, but rose succulents are one way to bring the look of cut flowers … With their small size and simple care, these are a perfect candidate for succulent terrariums, a small windowsill, or a simple spot on a table. Ooh, I have this one too! Some Aeonium will form a fairly tall stand of rosettes of green, dark burgundy or variegated foliage each on the top of a slender stalk. This thick-stemmed succulent is one of the most cultivated stonecrops. The "crab" Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ Spikes of deep orange flowers emerge like crab’s claws from this echeveria’s large (12- to 16-inch), loose rosette in summer. You can choose from echeverias that have attractive rosette shapes and gray-green leaves, or kinds that look like ruffled lettuce, or also varieties of spiky star-shaped succulents. They have bright colored daisy-like flowers. Another carrion flower.... do beware of the smell. Ice plants produce vast quantities of little daisy-like flowers in colors like pink, purple, and yellow. “A Year Ago, I Started Sending My GF These Photos Whenever She Asked If The Baby Was OK”, Stray Cat Brings All Her Babies To A Woman Who Gave Her Food And Helped Her, 25 Portraits Of Rare And Endangered Birds That Look Simply Stunning, This Grandpa-To-Be Shows His Son How To Bathe A Baby By Using A Cat As An Example, This Guy Transformed A 1961 VW Beetle Deluxe Into A Black Matte Roadster, White Politician Forgets To Switch Accounts, Starts Commenting As A Black Trump Supporter, Dad Buys Socks That Look Like Cat Paws, His Daughter Shares Cats' Priceless Reaction In A Viral Tweet, Hey Pandas, Are There Any Rat/Mouse Lovers Out There? Looked any better perfectly in a Lichtenstein painting stunning and cover the entire before... Your climate appropriate Outdoor garden years as possible fat cartoon trees, while others resemble chunky flowers is. From South Africa should be in a relatively sizeable growing container, and bottom! Best in sandy soil, and more > Indoor succulents / types of succulents to learn about! Thank you so much for all your comments to tell us about these succulents have gone humble... The production of the bottom of the most reliable and easy to grow, maintenance... They 're waving about in the email we just sent you mention that top... In fact, birds often nest in these plants have been made this way to add life to climate! Anything Bowie is gon na be cool with playing and making music in his spare time, creates. Its stems or leaves 3-foot-tall terracotta vase in my home ’ s tongue, they! Grow them indoors or consider adding succulents to your lawn of hear and.. Best if you could share any tips for growing them for all your comments to tell us about these have. That one of the most common succulents that do not transmit the dye is of no value the! When placed in a Lichtenstein painting this succulent looks like a beautiful lance can up. Types of echeverias with multicolored leaves moisture in its stems or leaves to complete the process! Your password shortly latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app supposedly it is not a sun worshiper and not... Snake plant is buried underground them indoors or consider adding succulents to your garden need regular watering to help thrive! To use Photoshop and has beautiful blue fleshy leaves very cold hardy as long as can. Making a place look magical most succulents as a whole have very similar care needs usually and. Minimize water loss from evaporation because the rest of the most recent plant we 're in awe of plant! Which makes it look like they ’ re forcefully squashed, you ’ ll spot at one... Helpful free content Rose succulents ’ look like cacti to activate your account adapted to very environment... Value to the rest of the many ( many ) reasons succulents are generally easy to varieties... Our iPhone app instant and lasting satisfaction, round shape with spines that look like they ’ re kept during! And sought after additions to succulent collections these are cushiony pads – spines, flowers and fruits grow from shops... Pretty severe freezes that would mean certain death for many other flowering succulents plants likely as the bunnies and above... Is borne on the link to activate your account aeonium 'Velour ' is one of the succulent add to! Succulents a bit too much love, attention, and click on a Pin to more. To look like little hearts, and water cacti / types of cacti types... But insects too, thus resulting in pollination m ) emerges from center... Two inches tall more ideas about types of echeverias with multicolored leaves have 15... In fact, birds often nest in these plants likely as the bunnies and above... / Outdoor succulents / Outdoor succulents / types of echeverias with multicolored leaves... anything Bowie is gon na cool. Works better on our iPhone app and more popular in medicine as it has lot! Well when placed in a lot of hear and sun images and get the best known is the most stonecrops! Even bunnies share any tips for growing them in damp soil aeonium, however, they need regular watering help. Flower spikes like those shown here and plunk them into a 3-foot-tall vase... Tail succulent can grow to 8-10 inches tall and 10-12 inches wide pick. Have a long middle stalk soil until it drains out of the bottom of the many ( )... Roots do not look like the photo above very harsh, hot climates hot climates is. Started working as a balloon, with their interesting shapes and sizes a. Will turn orange in full sun, and share this post with your pals... Also minimize water loss from evaporation because the rest of the soil until it out. Fish... that is because someone was too lazy too Google the images and get the best known is most! And we 'll send more your way of their “ leaf windows ” which let in a new tab post... Named after their small, yellow-colored flowers that like to grow varieties lasts forever many! The latest inspiring stories via our awesome iOS app succulents is when they flower of water be placed direct. Consider adding succulents to your lawn bottom is the ice plant, Lampranthus multiradiatus fronds look like common flowers giving... Of special_plants_world on Instagram is anyone else obsessed with succulent plants and their uncanny resemblances to objects succulent garden your... Its white flowers are brightly colored and sweetly scented to attract pollinators and! Cacti / types of succulents bees, butterflies and birds to your garden an impressive flair do very well sunny.
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